Spring Decorations

January is always so grey and dreary, although here at Minerva’s Garden I did notice an English daisy and violas with one or two little blooms on them, and some crocus tips pushing their way up out of the mulch the other day.   However, I was determined to start out the year fresh with some pretty indoor spring decorations!  I have paper and silk flowers, as well as some real flowers blooming away indoors to make our house more cheery.  Here they are:

Paper cherry blossoms on a branch from the backyard, plus a hot pink silk flower with a bright imitation green apple in a basket, and some white silk flowers in a soft pink, grey and white vase.

The flowers couldn’t have been easier to make–from Martha Stewart, and then hot-glued to the branch.


The mantle with more paper cherry blossoms, bright pink silk flowers in glass vases, some little birds in a basket--love it!

Sideboard with a pottery bird in the basket, clear tumbled glass and wine corks with a pink flower in a tall vase, and a shot of green in the bottle with white silk flowers.

 As you can see, the color scheme is mostly shades of pink and green, with some crisp white as background.


Re-imaginging some things I had around the house--Dollar Tree silk roses stuck through the fabric of an old lampshade, with a base I had but got at a flea market for fifty cents years ago and painted white. Alongside are paperwhites blooming on the right, and a little green vase with white silk flowers, and an imitation bright green apple, all on a pink placement!This lamp is so sweet--makes me smile each time I walk into the room and see it!


Some real flowers: Paperwhites, January 2012

Pink pelargoniums, commonly (but erroneously) called geraniums, on a curly wire plant stand and a stout ceramic container, January 2012

None of these ideas are original to me, but I found them online, and just tweaked them to suit what I had on hand around the house and garden, or what I could get inexpensively at Dollar Tree–love that!

Have you done a little spring decorating this year–do tell in the comments!  I love to hear from my Minerva’s Garden readers!
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Athena McElrath is a Master Gardener with a love for gardening, decorating and cooking inexpensively. She enjoys working out in her urban garden in Southwest Washington State, watching the hummingbirds and other birds and insects, eating the wonderful vegetables, fruits and herbs that she produces from her garden, and just having a great time hanging out under the pergola with her family and friends (that is, whenever it stops raining long enough).
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4 Responses to Spring Decorations

  1. Lexa says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am afraid I haven’t been posting/visiting as much as normal. I seem to be in a bit of hybernation mode right now. Thanks also for the heads up on the orchard classes. I still have a few apple trees on my “wish-list” – hopefully it will happen this year. BTW. your flowers, both real and crafted – look great! I still haven’t talen doen any of the Christmas lights, inside or outside – yet. I think our souls crave beauty and light this time of year. We got an inch of snow last night and it is snowing hard again outside right now! Finally feels like Winter!

    • minervasgardenwriter says:

      I can’t blame you on the lights–they are cheery in the cold winter months, that’s for sure. No snow here, just rain thus far.

  2. I love the flowers and the stand in the last picture! Since going to the Flower Show in Philly this week, I’ve been on the hunt for flowers to grow indoors. I think I know the plant that you’re talking about though I haven’t seen it yet at Home Depot. I’m hoping to make it to a local gardening center later this week.

    • The wire plant stand I found several years ago at a thrift store for not a lot of money, and the light pink plant is a pelargonium, which is the Latin name for a common geranium. If you start now, you can find seeds at Pinetree Garden Seeds, and you can grow 10 of them for around three dollars! That’s what I did for this one. You can also find them for sale at garden centers, and they’re not super expensive. Where I live it tends to be too cold for the to winter over outdoors, so I bring them in, grow them under lights in the basement, and then rotate them upstairs to our main living areas wherever I want some fresh flowers. The darker pink plant is another pelargonium, and that one lives in a large pot that stays there year-round.