New Page Up At The Hummingbird Diaries

As part of my website, Minerva’s Garden, I have a portion devoted to hummingbirds, entitled The Hummingbird Diaries.  Now that I have upgraded the website, I can finally begin work on that section.  Today’s new addition is a Hummingbird Plant List, which you can find here.  Unlike other lists of this nature, mine is a personalized list of plants that I can vouch for, meaning I know for a fact that they will grow in my garden in Gardening Zone 8 in Southwest Washington, and most of which I have personally seen hummingbirds eating at.  I will continue to add to the list as the summer begins.  I may also try to add photos of the plants as well.


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Athena McElrath is a Master Gardener with a love for gardening, decorating and cooking inexpensively. She enjoys working out in her urban garden in Southwest Washington State, watching the hummingbirds and other birds and insects, eating the wonderful vegetables, fruits and herbs that she produces from her garden, and just having a great time hanging out under the pergola with her family and friends (that is, whenever it stops raining long enough).
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