Hello, Hyacinths!

Happy beginning of April, everyone!  We finally had a much-needed dry and sunny day–66 degrees–yahoo!  I ran around and did a lot of little cleaning jobs out in the garden; still have a bunch left to do, but isn’t that the normal state of affairs in a garden?  Read with interest that last month was the 3rd wettest March since the weather people started keeping records in our area (in 1890!)

  • March 2012 had 7.81 inches of rain
  • normal amount of rain in March:  3.71 inches!

According to my informal records for weather here at Minerva’s Garden, last March had 24 days of rain, while this March had only 22 days of rain, but we just got a lot more rain on those days, apparently.

As I mentioned, today was lovely and sunny, so I went around and took a few pictures of some of my favorite early spring flowers–hyacinths.  Although Hyacinth was a divine hero from Greek mythology, here hyacinth works some magic out in my garden in early April!

Two hyacinths give a big color contrast--'Carnegie' is the white one, and, not surprisingly, 'Blue Jacket' is the blue one. Surrounded by tulip foliage.


Another shot, different bed, of "Carnegie" white hyacinths, here mixing it up with 'Passionale' purple tulips abut to bloom on the left, and some tall and majestic 'Pink Impression' tulips, soon to bloom as well.



'Pink Pearl' hyacinths about to bloom, being almost smothered by some big tulip foliage.


Some bright rose 'Jan Bos' hyacinths--I like the contrast of that deep rose up against a Japanese Holly--a lovely, well-behaved evergreen shrub.


And because there is so little jazz that has anything to do with gardening–(and this is a stretch, but still . . .)  Here is “Joy Spring”–enjoy!

“Isn’t Spring your favorite season?

Watchin’ the flowers bloomin’ up out of the ground,

Watchin’ the snow melt down, boy,

You may dig wintertime but spring is my joy!”


Do you have hyacinths blooming in your garden?  What is new in your garden lately?  Let me know down in the comments, because I always love to hear from you!


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24 Responses to Hello, Hyacinths!

  1. pam says:

    I’ve tried hyacinths and I can’t get them to grow here, which is so sad because I love them!

  2. Yolanda says:

    Thank you so much for linking up to Tuesday Greens!

  3. Kate says:

    Glad you got a sunny day! Hopefully more are on the way. Your Spring bulbs sure are cheerful, and so are you. So glad to meet you!

  4. Moira P. says:

    How pretty! I love the last one.

    -Farm Girl

  5. Jean says:

    So pretty! I’m sure they all smell wonderful. Jean

  6. Town Mouse says:

    Oh, I can almost smell the heady fragrance of those hyacinths! I actually had a small pot full of them myself at the doorstep to say hello and welcome back home.

  7. Beth says:

    Athena, Your hyacinths are beautiful! That rain is making things lush, lush, lush! I know the people in West Texas would love to have some of yours if you would be willing to share. I live in Iowa, and we are a tad on the dry side but not as bad as Texas. Happy Easter!

    • AthenaMG says:

      Hi Beth: Thank you for the kind words. I would gladly send some of this torrential downpour we’ve had the last two+ days to Texas if I could! Happy spring holidays to you as well.

  8. Beth says:

    I’ve never planted Hyacinths Athena. I’ll have to give it a try next year. I know they smell divine!

  9. I only have a few hyacinths, transplants from ones I forced indoors. Right now my yard is overrun with daffodils in the spring. I promised my ds6 that we would plant tulips this fall; I’m adding hyacinths to the list. They have such a wonderful smell.

  10. Myrna says:

    Your must smell wonderful ! I have one blooming on my kitchen table.lol

  11. Ah, no I haven’t planed hyacinths in this garden yet – I don’t know why because I have the perfect place next to the front walk and I love the scent in early spring. Hmmm, I need to put that on my fall to-do list, huh? :-)