Book Review: Your Farm In The City

Picked up a book at the library the other day, and am enjoying it.  It’s called Your Farm In The City, by Lisa Taylor and the Gardeners of Seattle Tilth.  It has a bit of information about everything you would want to know to get started producing some of your own food, even if you are gardening in an urban environment.


Your Farm in the City - New Book!


This is a perfect book for the new gardener who wants to learn and be successful with early gardening attempts.  It reminds me of mini-Master Gardener training.  The biggest good idea is to start small with gardening and keep it manageable while you learn.


Topics covered include chickens, bees and livestock in the city; container, raised bed and vertical gardening; organic vegetables and fruits; backyard composting; herbs and edible flowers.  This book packs a lot of information into a very concise volume.  It gives ideas for the smallest gardens that are done in containers or window sills all the way up to city lot and backyard gardening.  The authors talk a bit about constructing easy hoop houses and winter gardening.  There are pictures of common beneficial insects as well as pests, and pictures of weeds, making it easier to identify critters and plants in your garden.  They also give varietal suggestions for particular types of plants that you might want to grow, all suitable to the Pacific Northwest growing climate.

This is a good one–I recommend you check it out.


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