A Winter’s Walk


Hello everyone!  I am just starting to get back into a regular posting schedule, and I’ve truly enjoyed having a bit of time off during the recent winter holidays.



I feel hopeful and excited about what the New Year has to offer, and I’m quite happy with what I’ve accomplished here on the blog in 2012, and in at least a few areas in other parts of my life.  I tend to be a type-A, driven sort of person, so I am often pretty hard on myself and find that I need to give myself permission to relax and be in the moment rather than looking ahead–do you ever feel that way?



I’ve started work on another Shakespeare audition coming up in a few weeks, and this type of work always makes me happy!  Also working toward some goals for our singing act, and while this is the hardest creative hurdle I am facing this year, I think that we will move forward and make progress, and I think some happy surprises await us, with events and people and places that I can’t even imagine at this time.  Photos are a large part of marketing ourselves as entertainers, and I was able to sell an item that I’d been holding onto but no longer using for years, and now it appears that I have the money to get a DSLR camera!  I have wanted one to use for blogging for quite a while as well, so this is happy news.  I was ready to let go of the past, so that something new and good could have a chance to come into my life, and I’m glad I made that choice.  (And although I’m starting to sound like Dolly Levy, I won’t break into “Before The Parade Passes By,”–although I could :)  PS–the round tree reminds me of Dolly, surrounded by all the tall skinny chorus boy-trees.  Just sayin’.)



We had at least 22 days of rain in December!  While this is not unusual for our part of the country, all the grey, dreary days can get you down after a while.  However, this last week we’ve had colder temperatures, and all the rain clouds moved away, so we had glorious sunshine!  We’ve been taking many long walks near our home to take advantage of it, and I am really enjoying this.  I doubled the normal amount of time I’ve been working out each day, and I feel much better because of it.  I want to continue with this trend!



This is kind of a rambling, chatty post, but I hope you enjoyed it!  I am happy when I get to be creative with projects that I think you might like, and then get to share them with you here, and I wanted you to know that.


Here’s to a wonderful January full of possibility!



What makes you feel hopeful in January?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments, so stop by for a visit!


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Thank you so much for your friendship and support–I appreciate it!

Till next time, 

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Athena McElrath is a Master Gardener with a love for gardening, decorating and cooking inexpensively. She enjoys working out in her urban garden in Southwest Washington State, watching the hummingbirds and other birds and insects, eating the wonderful vegetables, fruits and herbs that she produces from her garden, and just having a great time hanging out under the pergola with her family and friends (that is, whenever it stops raining long enough).
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12 Responses to A Winter’s Walk

  1. nicole says:

    You go girl! Good luck with the audition! I so want a good camera and have been thinking of all the ways I can save to get one! Bravo to you! I’m looking forward to this year as well! I look forward to connecting with more creative people to infuse all things garden and design into my life! Love the winter walk photos! All the best in 2013!

  2. A lovely post Althena, and parts of it could have been written by me…except the part about working out. ;) For me, it’s been the exact opposite. It’s been three weeks since I’ve had a workout due to our recent move and most recently not having a car for three days due to an accident. Starting this week, things will get back to a more normal routine.

    Congratulations on getting a camera! I’ve been wanting one, but I’m concerned I won’t know what to do with it! That’s silly, I know, but I’m a bit intimidated. I will…

    Blessings to you in 2013 and I will be pulling for you with your upcoming audition. I know you will kill it!

  3. How pretty! I can’t wait for the snow to leave…

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  4. I enjoyed that post very much. It was like chatting with a friend! I want to know everything about that Shakespeare audition. What play is it for? I have a very basic camera and I’d like to buy a better one… when I’ll have money! I can’t wait to see what you’ll do with yours! I usually hate January, because it is when I feel the most accutely that time is flying (it’s my brithday month), so what makes me hopeful is that February comes after!!!
    Magali xxx

  5. Hi Athena,

    What a lovely walk. I love your images. I am so glad to hear that you are going to be able to get a DSLR camer. I love mine, though I use other cameras a lot too. If you can, splurge on a macro lens too so you can get up lose and personal to the flowers. I get some fairly good shots without one, but it is definitely on my list. Hoping you have a great 2013.

    Yael from Home Garden Diggers

  6. Beautiful post, beautiful pics! Getting a new, better camera is pretty exciting! I’m still learning how to take better pictures with the DSLR I got like 6 months ago and I love it! Good luck on the audition!

  7. Mindy says:

    Great pictures!
    How exciting that you’ll be getting a “fancy” camera. Now maybe we can learn how to use them right along each other. :o)
    I took some pictures of dinner tonight as a trial run – not knowing what I was doing or if they’ll be good or not. And if they are, I won’t be able to reproduce them because I have NO idea what settings I tried. Ha! I clearly need a notebook for jotting down things while I’m learning. My goal this year is to take a photography class, either online or at the community college. When you have such a fun toy, you want to know how to use it!
    Good luck with all your new ventures!

  8. olthings says:

    Wonderful news for the new year ! All pleasant ! Your walk was so nice in this beautiful place ! Enjoy your camera ! I asked a new one , I have an old ,but my husband and my younger son, decided that I must learn a new smart phone !!!They bought to me as a gift for my birthday ! I can’t learn yet !!!!!!
    Have a nice Sunday

  9. Debbie says:

    Beautiful pictures, lovely day for a walk. We are getting a lot of snow right now but I don’t think it’ll be sticking around since they are calling for warmer temperatures and rain later in the week. Congrats on your new camera, well when you get it, that is. Looking forward to seeing the wonderful pictures you take with it.
    Debbie :)

  10. Thistle says:

    What Shakespeare project are you working on? I love Shakespeare! Your photographs are beautiful!


    • AthenaMG says:

      It’s just an audition for 5 theatre companies that do Shakespeare in the Parks around here in the summertime. And thank you for your kind words about the photos :)