A Funny For You . . .

Don’t you feel this way–I know I do!

I and the Mr. have been working like fiends out in the garden ever since it stopped raining! Two huge truckloads of prunings later, I am just about done with winter cleanup–we had lots of snow damage from this past crummy winter, and I was unable to prune last year due to back pain.  But this year is better, and I’m able to do a bit more, and my sweet hubs has helped me a ton, and the place is starting to look good!

My garden goals this year are to simplify in all areas of flower, vegetable and container gardening.  Life beckons, and so I must adapt the garden so it works better for me, my new physical abilities, and time available.  We are doing four veggi beds instead of our usual ten or eleven, because they were too high-maintenance and I couldn’t keep up with that and do summer theatre.  Instead, we put in a new berry trellis where some of the old veg beds were, planted raspberry and blackberry plants from where they were growing haphazardly all over the garden, and have set up a sprinkler so it’s super low maintenance now.

I’m doing container gardening, as  it is no digging and thus a bit easier on my back.  Still working on cleaning the containers and getting them ready to plant–hoping to get that basically done by week’s end.  Plant sales this weekend, and then hope to plant the veg. and flower beds, as well as create the containers and hanging baskets very soon thereafter.  Then it’s just watering maintenance, for the most part, this summer.

In the coming weeks, I’ll share some ideas about lower maintenance container gardening that I’m going to try out this year.  Basically more pretty foliage and many fewer plants that require a bunch of deadheading.

The sun beckons, and so I am off to garden now!  Enjoy your day!

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