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Flea Beetles and How To Deal With Them Organically

I noticed that my new potato leaves had little pin holes in them.  The cause is due to flea beetles.  Here is a picture of the pin holes: Diatomaceous earth is an organic method for killing flea beetles.  I had … Continue reading

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Hilling Up Potatoes–Very Easy To Do!

A quick post on how to hill up potatoes.  When the potato vines reach four inches or a bit more tall, it is time to start hilling.  Before I started, I took about 10 minutes to weed the ground between … Continue reading

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Potato Growing Update

Just a quick note to show you the progress of the newly planted seed potatoes.  Here is my original post about planting them.  I planted them on April 25th, and this picture below was taken on May 19th:   There … Continue reading

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Growing Sugar Snap Peas–Update

I just wanted to give a quick update on how the sugar snap peas are growing in my garden.  I wrote a post about starting pea seeds via the chitting method outlined by Steve Solomon, which you can find here.  They … Continue reading

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New Page Up At The Hummingbird Diaries

As part of my website, Minerva’s Garden, I have a portion devoted to hummingbirds, entitled The Hummingbird Diaries.  Now that I have upgraded the website, I can finally begin work on that section.  Today’s new addition is a Hummingbird Plant … Continue reading

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Make A Hanging Basket From Scratch

With annuals on sale, and with seeds and those you have grown yourself or wintered over, now is the perfect time to make your own hanging basket from scratch.  It is much cheaper to make your own–I ended up with … Continue reading

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The New Website Is Up And Running!

Well, that didn’t take long–the revamped, new and improved Minerva’s Garden website is up and running.  You can simply go to a search engine and type in “Minerva’s Garden” to reach it, or here is a direct link! Happy days!

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Let’s Just Say That I Like Gardening Much Better Than Building And Uploading Websites

After much ado, I think that you will see the restructured Minerva’s Garden website within 48 hours, and maybe sooner than that.  Until that time, you might get an error message when you try to visit the page, but don’t … Continue reading

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A Current Pretty Flowering Combination

I wanted to share a photo I took yesterday with you: I like how the colors play off each other in this vignette.  There is a shrimp-colored Oriental Poppy in the middle left of the photo, a light lavender-colored clematis … Continue reading

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Excellent Plant Sales!

I have started a lot of plants myself from seed, so I didn’t need to buy much, but I did find a few delectable items at both the Camas Plant sale as well as the Master Gardeners’ Plant sales today.  … Continue reading

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