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Chit Sugar Snap Pea Seeds Anytime Now

I wrote a post last year on chitting seeds, which is a method developed by Steve Solomon and described in his excellent book Gardening When It Counts, of presprouting the seed prior to planting it in the ground, in order … Continue reading

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Narcissus and Tulips Blooming!

Although the narcissus have been in bloom for a while, they are now joined by some lovely tulips! These are mixed single narcissus, including some bright yellow ‘King Alfred’ types, along with some bright red mixed tulips that are wide … Continue reading

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Super-Sexed Insects As Natural Pest Control

Here is a little snippet I read today via Care2 email: “Looks like it’s party time for the ladies of the agricultural pest world. A new method for sustainable pest control using “super-sexed” sterilized male insects to copulate with female … Continue reading

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Eating Fresh Salad Greens From The Garden

Just a quick update on the salad greens bed I put in on February 2nd–we ate our first salad from those greens last night for dinner!  So about five weeks from the time I put seeds in the ground until … Continue reading

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Germination Box For Seed Starting

I am finally trying Steve Solomon’s idea of using a germination box for starting seeds indoors.  This tip comes from his wonderful book on vegetable gardening, entitled Gardening When It Counts, which I highly recommend. You basically use the germination … Continue reading

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Evergreen Clematis in Bloom!

It must be late winter or early spring, because my evergreen clematis, Clematis armandii, is in bloom.  Here is a photo: It is rather gargantuan in size, but if you have room for it and are not afraid to use … Continue reading

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